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Please send the applications with a photo, a detailed CV, a covering letter and the certificate of unpunishment (in the initial phase of the recruitment it is enough to send the certificate written by the applicant himself) on the following address:
   Due to the new law which came into the force on 27th April 2001 regarding wastes (law gazette no. 62,pos.628), the Polska Firma Paletowa is able to place the offer of services in recycling of wastes, especially of wrapping wastes like:
15 01 01 made of paper and cardboard
15 01 02 made of plastic
15 01 03 made of wood
15 01 04 made of metal
15 01 05 made of multimaterial
15 01 07 made of glas
15 01 09 made of textiles
15 01 06 mixed packaging wastes

   The regaining of wastes takes place in the warehouse by qualified, very wellexperienced workers. All process of regaining is done without any threat to the people's life or health and of course to the environment.

   We have required certificates and permissions for collecting, transporting and warehousing of wastes.
We confirm the Waste Collecting Document.
Nowadays regaining of wastes is very important, because there is a strong presure on pro-ecological activity.
Our company was a so called precursor in this area.
Our services bring to our clients a guarantee of stability and reduction product's ecological fee.
We cooperate with many well known companies, which are leaders in their branches.

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